4 Keys To Increased Wellbeing

Caitlin McColl
Mindful Mental Health
4 min readJan 10

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This year, I’d like to explore more about wellbeing and mental health and …happiness and just…overall, how to live your best life (as cliché and millennial that sounds).

The last 5 or 6 years I’ve been interested in this focus, and I’ve read and watched various media about these themes, as well taken various courses in Positive Psychology — which is looking at how to live our lives through our strengths and…

Writing Mental Health Content With AI — An Experiment

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May 27

How To Improve Your Mental Health

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Ugh. Weightloss Stalling SUCKS.

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Apr 21

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction — Week 7

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Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction — Week 6

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Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction — Week 5

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Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction — Week 4

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Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course — Week 3

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Check Out The Mindful Mental Health Quotes Instagram!

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Jan 28

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction — Week 2

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Jan 27

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