Sympathy For The Devil

Childhood memories that shape who you are

Image of a giant devil dummy on a beach
Image by Alistair Couper

On the eve of 10th May 1980 six year old me and my parents went for the first and last time to see “La Cremada del Dimoni” (The Devil’s Cremation) in Badalona, a little town on the outskirts of Barcelona, ​​my birthplace and where I lived for 22 years.




Mindfully exploring life and mental health to be the best version of you. Using mindfulness, Psychology and self-care practices to gain awareness of, explore and help manage your mental health. Be well 💖

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Alicia Domínguez

Alicia Domínguez

Freelance Writer/ Confidence Builder/ Project Auditor/ I help you discover your Gothic side

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