Why You SHOULDN’T Make New Years Resolutions

Caitlin McColl
Mindful Mental Health
4 min readJan 1

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Last week I created a new Facebook group (that anyone is welcome to join — just click on the link right next to this!) called Mindful Mental Health, as an adjunct to this publication on Medium.

And even though it’s a private group, I thought it could be fun/interesting to share the content that I share on it (nothing from anyone else) kind of as a run-down or summary each week.

Writing Mental Health Content With AI — An Experiment

9 min read

May 27

How To Improve Your Mental Health

4 min read

May 7

Ugh. Weightloss Stalling SUCKS.

4 min read

Apr 21

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction — Week 7

3 min read

Feb 14

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction — Week 6

3 min read

Feb 12

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction — Week 5

4 min read

Feb 10

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction — Week 4

4 min read

Feb 6

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course — Week 3

6 min read

Feb 1

Check Out The Mindful Mental Health Quotes Instagram!

2 min read

Jan 28

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction — Week 2

4 min read

Jan 27

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