On Getting It Right: How My Rebranding Odyssey Tested My Know-it-all Assumptions, All for the Best

This is another in the series of Mindful Moments which are written to guide us to think about what’s important for us to remember or keep-top-of-mind as we move through our week of personal activities and professional work.

Yesterday was Father’s day and while I marked the special day with my husband, I also realized that it marked 10 months since I began in earnest the rebranding of my business and the build out of a new website. The time line from my decision last August to hire a web design firm to this writing seems like an eternity because I did, honestly, believe that the project would zoom forward and be done within 2 to 3 months.

The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry …. *

Boy, did they ever.

It wasn’t as easy as just telling the team, “Please, no pink on my website.”

Maybe I should have figured out that this wasn’t going to be smooth sailing when the first branding style sheet came back with, you guessed it, pink as one of the site colors.

I quickly pointed this out and soon had an amazing style sheet to ooh and ah over. My excitement at seeing it was palpable and I hunkered down to pull together the copy for the site. I didn’t see this as a huge job because I was able to pull from my then current site and I had given an awful lot of thought to what I wanted to change in the business and in my work. There would be some minor revisions to existing copy and limited new copy to be written.

Boy, was I ever wrong.

Within a few short weeks, I and the design team realized that I really had something new and different to say and to offer. This was a good thing, bad thing. Good because it meant that the months I had spent looking inward to better know myself and what had the most meaning to me truly did yield some incredible insights. Bad because it meant that the copy and ideas I thought would be included for the rebranded site didn’t best represent my core message.

It was suggested that I hire a copy writer. I resisted this at first because crafting stories and messaging for websites and marketing is exactly what I do with my clients. I just assumed that I would do the same thing for myself.

Boy, was I ever wrong, again.

I realized that I had to take, as many of my own clients do, the advice of those wiser than me. I hired a copywriter and I can say with absolute honesty that it was one of the best things I did to advance my new message and brand. Not only because it was fantastic to have long, exploratory conversations or emails about ideas, words and phrases (something which I love to do), but because her perspective was so very different from mine since she was a millennial. Our discussions were frank and I knew that she felt at ease questioning me, pushing back on what I wanted and making a strong case for what was needed.

Writing copy for a website is tough. Every word and phrase counts and where or how they appear on a site page makes a huge difference because it all comes together to tell a story, a story of you.

So it’s been 10 months since I started to put the words together to tell my story with a new website and new focus. In some ways it’s been quite the odyssey with unexpected twists and turns, from my designer going to jail — true! — to me going to the hospital. Yes, this project has been marked by notable events but it’s also been a tremendous experience that showcases my new focus on evolutionary business development and growth.

I’m almost ready to share all of this work with you. My excitement is increasing with each day. I want you to know that change need not be done with fits and starts but instead with smooth, assured strides; I want you to experience the thrill of it.

And, boy, do I ever know I’ve got this right!

This is my mindful moment for this week.

*(Origin, “To a Mouse”, Robert Burns)​​​​​​​

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Tassey is a former IT executive who has worked for the federal government, the Nasdaq Stock Market and as a consultant to non-profit associations. Today she is owner of Level Up Solutions and works with entrepreneurs and small business owners ready to take a hard look at where they are today and plan for future business development based on strong value propositions and strategic solutions. She strives to position her clients to attain foundational and sustainable growth, operational management and revenue.