How You Can Transform a Basic Backyard Garden with Permaculture Principles

Relearning the interdependent relationship between people and the earth we live on.

Kaia Maeve
Mindful Roots
4 min readJun 4, 2024


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Here at Symbiosis TX, we’re a little obsessed with all things permaculture. For the past 16 years, our team has been helping central Texas landowners regenerate parched land, build sustainable micros ecosystems, and better understand the transformation of soil over time.

But not everyone has 200 acres with challenging water management issues. Or overgrazed pastures that have been baked into brittle clay hard pan.

Some of the folks we know are looking to take the principles of permaculture and apply them on a much smaller scale.

Here’s a quick glimpse of those principles — just to get you oriented. Don’t be overwhelmed. We’re going to break this down and start from the very beginning.

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So we’re extremely excited to announce our Gardening to Permaculture Initiative.

We will be simplifying and sharing our expertise in a way that just about anyone with a little bit of interest in getting better at gardening can get started with a mini-permaculture application of your own!

Each month we’ll tackle a different topic. Our goal is to help you infuse your basic gardening with the power of permaculture principles so you can start learning and practicing these principles for yourself.


Permaculture has been proven to not only help you achieve better yields and healthier plants, but the benefits you yourself could experience are huge!

As you learn to listen to the soil and plants and even the bugs, you will enter the slipstream of natural relationships that go back to the beginning of time. You might feel more connected to the natural worlds around you. And it will potentially ground you (and your mental and physical well being) in a holistic way that the mainstream healthcare often struggles to even touch.

You see, we believe that by learning how to relate more symbiotically to the processes of nature that each of us can begin to step away from the doomscrolling despair of the modern age.

Doesn’t that sound pretty cool?

How to participate

First cool thing — getting started with this information will cost you nothing — except your time and attention.

Second cool thing — the way we distribute this information to you will mirror and mimic the principles of permaculture itself.

Third cool thing — it’s interactive. You’ll be able to reach out and ask us questions!

All you have to do is join the G2P list and we’ll send you weekly content you’ll be able to start applying — even if it’s just on your apartment balcony container garden for now.

If you want to progress later on to homesteading on that piece of land you and your friends want to buy so you can escape the modern rat race, that’s great. This information will help to prepare you for that. But… if that’s NOT your trajectory, that’s ok too.

It’s time to demystify permaculture and help more people reconnect to the land beneath their feet. And we’re here for it!

To get started, follow Mindful Roots and drop a comment on this post to let us know a bit about you and your interests. We’re working on the G2P initiative right now, and will let you know when you can sign up to receive the weekly email with seasonally appropriate topics that will help you evolve your garden and your self!

Permaculture might not “save the world” this week or this year. But it can certainly help you transform your experience of the world in small but powerful ways.

We can’t wait to help you take these first steps into a more connected version of the world.

If you want help joining the initiative — you can reach out to Symbiosis TX by filling out an inquiry form on the website here.

At Mindful Roots, a publication created and managed by Symbiosis TX, we aim to inspire and educate gardeners across the globe about permaculture principles, and to promote ecological harmony alongside human mental well-being.

By fostering a deeper connection with nature through sustainable and holistic gardening practices, we empower you to participate in cultivating the earth, your own health & wellness, and a healthy community.

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