Elvis Costello, Tom Waits & Chloe

One of these things is not like the others…

Maybe the problem was that at this age, Chloe didn’t know how to read…
This was my plan:

Expose Chloe, my daughter, to the music I love when she was very young. Then, when she’s older, she’ll already have a built-in appreciation for fine music, the likes of Elvis Costello and Tom Waits.

She’ll be one of those cool teens!

(The Angels Wanna Wear) Chloe’s Red Socks

I even had pictures and magazines placed in strategic locations in the house, and bought her an oversized Elvis Costello t-shirt that she wore as a nightshirt along with red socks (angel-worthy “shoes,” get it?).

It couldn’t miss!
But it didn’t work…

She never voluntarily listens to Elvis Costello or Tom Waits. And I’m too embarrassed to say what she does like…

Where did I go wrong?

Well, she’s only 25.

There’s still hope, right?


Kind Action : Introduce Your Child to Something YOU Love
Music Recommendation 1 : Imperial Bedroom — Elvis Costello
Music Recommendation 2 : Swordfishtrombones — Tom Waits

If only Elvis had sung this when Chloe was younger…

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