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Marching to the Rhythm of One Heartbeat

Photo by Luke Bender on Unsplash

A Wave of New Possibilities is Upon Us

As a formerly cocky generation that has reached the years of thinning hair and less-easy knee bends, tennis elbows and flatulence, knowing that what we do from now on is not predetermined is an empowering concept.

I’ve talked about putting our fears of the change aside and hinted on embracing the idea that we have the power to choose how we approach the change. Today I want to attempt to ‘show you’ how behaving with intenttogether’ will put us in a better place no matter where in the world we are blooming.

Detour Up Ahead

Talking about blooming, have you noticed that spring has sprung? Again!

Yes! Look outside…

So, how many springs have you seen sprung up in your lifetime? That many, huh! And in all those springs, which were the springs that spoke the loudest to you? The springs in your youth? The spring of last year?

There have been springs when I’ve noticed that ‘oh, the color of the Sakura was more piercing and stunning two years ago…’ or, ‘they bloomed much earlier or much later last year’ but in every observation, nothing has kept me from enjoying the cherry blossoms’ magnificence like in the year I’m in. I do not close my eyes to spring; I open them wider. So my answer to the above question is: this spring!

In essence, it doesn’t matter that the color of the blossom is paler, or that the exact day of full bloom fluctuates so. What matters is that spring comes, that the Sakura mesmerize, that the crowds come to gaze, and that we enjoy it.

Photo by bady qb on Unsplash

A li’l Messy, but please read on

Spring comes like Midlife comes!

The Cherry blossoms are pale? There are weather factors that explain that.

The exact time to book trips to Japan to witness the splendor first-hand is hard to determine, but please don’t let that be a deterrent to try.

Mother Nature is not against you coming to see it.

Perhaps it just means that other life events need your attention more. So what if you cannot come to see the Sakura? The Wisteria and the Azalea and the Hydrangea blooms are just as impressive. Come see for yourself.

Back to the Main Road

Did you see what I just did?

I took you on a detour!

Did you hate it? Did it take you out of the argument I’m attempting here? Do you not like spring? Or flowers? I hope not.

Midlife is like that, you see. It takes you off the Main Road for a bit and leads you down a path. Sometimes the path is bumpy, sometimes it’s not. The determining factors to whether bumpy or smooth lay in scientific evidence I do not understand. Probably in the way we approached our youth? I cannot say. Yet, the signs of Midlife are there; they’re written in the chronological book of our lives, but if we choose to close our eyes during the detour, we will undoubtedly lose out on the beauty Mother Nature is pointing us to.

Go down the detour-path with your eyes wide open. Do it with intent. Know that youth is a good kind of joy but that it is NOT the only kind. What lays ahead on the detour and beyond remains to be seen, and what we see is a direct correlation to what we choose to see.

To Reiterate

We are now united in agreeing that one chapter of our book has closed — something to celebrate and cherish — now let’s unite in our resolve to take the reins of consciousness and courage to create something better in the next chapter of our lives.

Individually we have gone through our own journeys and intricate dramas. Now, let’s pool our resources of lessons learned, baggage discarded, and wealth of experiences into a collective heartbeat. No more going the distance alone, the time for us to join forces as one united grown-up generation is upon us. We’re marching toward the same goal because together we are better.

We might face the occasional groan of knee pain, the shooting pains of shoulders or elbows, but as best we can, let’s take pride in our privilege to still be here and this time let’s live our new chapter with gusto.


Selma Writes is a retired English teacher with 20-years of teaching English as a second language to children. She lives in Japan with her husband in a suburb one-hour south of Tokyo. They have two young sons. You can find her on twitter: Selma Writes or on her blog: https:/intricaciesandfollies.com

;) Please look me up. Blessings to All.



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