When You Feel Like Giving Up — Celebrate Instead

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3 min readMar 11, 2020

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You are taking steps towards your vision. You are planting the right seeds. But you have yet to see a sprout pushing through the soil. It’s easy to feel like abandoning your vision altogether. Perhaps your idea is not as good as you thought..perhaps it won’t have the impact you hoped for.

Or perhaps it’s time to acknowledge that some of the world’s greatest ideas have taken years or even decades to blossom.

Between the idea and its manifestation, there is always a series of steps. Every step in the direction of your vision counts.

In moments when you feel like giving up, celebrate the last step you took. Acknowledge yourself for having the courage to start, even if you still have miles to go. Honor yourself for experimenting and for learning through mistakes.

Without clumsily falling hundreds of times as a baby, you wouldn’t have learned how to find your balance and walk. Nobody was mad at you for taking the time to learn and master this skill — they were proud of every single step you took.

It’s time for you to be proud of every tiny step you’ve already taken and the next step you are just now about to take.

If you find it hard to celebrate for you — do it for all the people that will benefit when your vision comes to fruition.

Perhaps you haven’t told another soul about your project yet. Perhaps only a handful of people know. You can’t rely on someone that doesn’t have your vision to cheer you on, precisely because it is your vision. There is a reason the vision was given to you and nobody else. It is your baby. Only you know how to nurture it. You are the one that must keep your fire going.

Luckily, your brain is here to help.

When you celebrate your progress, you are refueling the tank of your motivation!

Simona @ Mindful Copy Agency

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