Getting out of your own way

Have you noticed that there is a constant discussion in your head between 2 persons: “You should have done this, why did you do that, come on!”.

But wait a second, who’s talking to who? Any idea?

Your Self1 (apparently the boss in your head) thinks he knows everything and is constantly giving orders to your Self2 (the part of you doing the work).

It seems that your Self1 doesn’t really trust your Self2 to do the job properly.

But what if Self2 knew perfectly how to do the things he has to do?

Could it just be that Self1 needs to keep quiet and let Self2 do his job, instead of micro-managing him like an unsecured boss?

PRACTICE: When you face something challenging, get out of the survival mode and trust the genius within you. Trust your natural ability and let Self2 do his job. “Ok Romain2 I trust you, show me what you can do!

Give it a try and see what happens.

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