Not giving a f***

Can you remember 1 or 2 moments of success in your life? Moments when you have been performing at your best? At work or in your personal life.

Take your time there is no rush, until you find one moment of success you like.

Now spend some time in the scene as if it was happening again. Be in your body for a few seconds.

Take your time, enjoy it.

Question for you: were you very concerned about the outcome?

Were you thinking about lots of things at the same time? (in other terms was your Self1 very quiet or agitated?)

PRACTICE: Every time you have something challenging ahead of you (a presentation, a date, an important conversation, a competition), sit down for a few minutes. Close your eyes and ask yourself “what is the worst thing that could happen?”. It’s ok, admit that there is a possibility that you could fail. Push yourself until you are at 10/10 of acceptance of what worse could happen. Until you feel free. Then go and face the situation, just be yourself, be present, give your best and enjoy not giving a f***.

Give it a try and see what happens.

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