The Path of the Mindful Champions

Screenshot of a Focus Band

According to my definition a “Mindful Champion” is :

  • Someone looking to perform at its best, while enjoying his day to day life.
  • Someone who wakes up in the morning, excited about creating a new day.
  • Someone who thinks, feels, and acts as if he already had what he is dreaming of.
  • Someone who knows himself and is not living someone else’s life.
  • Someone you want to spend time with, because he makes you feel good about you, about life.

If the concept of Mindful Champion resonates with you, I can propose you 7 “Practices” to explore in your daily life.

I will write a short post for each Practice, so that you can give your best love and attention to each Practice.

Experiment, observe, learn and make it your own truth.

The Mindful Champions Practices (you can click on each link):

  1. Getting out of your own way
  2. Feeling good for no reason
  3. Convincing yourself
  4. Learning to concentrate
  5. Feeling your body
  6. Not giving a f***
  7. Not knowing

And if you want to get deeper into this work check these books