Arriving in Your-Self

The secret ingredient for lasting inner peace

Hanna Maria
Mindfully Speaking
3 min readMar 7, 2021


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Along my journey, I have found that unless I can be content within myself, unless I have fully arrived in myself and continue to drop deeper as I go and grow, living life in peace remains something always just ahead of me.

To me, arriving in myself means that being me and hanging out with myself is an inspiring experience. It means that the space inside my own skin is a safe place I enjoy to be in and create from.

Cultivating a peaceful space inside is like sinking into a super comfy couch, where I feel relaxed, content, and happy, knowing I have arrived.

What this arriving is for you, I do not know. For my part, while I continue to explore this, here is what helps me to truly settle into my being more and more:

  • I can only truly arrive in myself when I stop comparing my unique path, gifts, expression, and being with others and fully embrace the beautiful and truly unique being that I am.
  • I allow myself to really know, in an embodied way, that I am enough, right now, as I am — while I keep evolving, naturally.
  • Finding the courage and commitment to truly and deeply trust myself and believe in myself has become my daily mantra.
  • Breath. I arrive in myself when I become present to the experience of how my breath brings life into me and fills out my body-spaces from within, before releasing any tension with the out-breath.
  • Mindfulness, to me means dropping into myself in this very moment, fully, feeling all my sensations of being and doing.
  • When I drop all limiting fears and concerns about what others may think of me, I arrive in myself.
  • Unpeeling layers and layers of conditioning of having to be or having to do XYZ (some “ideal achievement list”), and instead giving myself permission to discover what is true, for me has given me enormous freedom.
  • When I find the wisdom and courage in me to fully forgive myself and any person that I feel has caused me harm, I immediately free more space inside to drop into and fill with who I am.
  • Cultivating and embodying enough self-love and self-acceptance that I don’t have to look for, or depend on, external opinions to feel loved, safe and worthy gives me great peace of mind.
  • Acknowledging how far I’ve come on my path allows me to feel proud of the small, tiny, and big ‘things’ I have accomplished.
  • When I keep digging deep in myself to find what is needed, I can fully say “yes!” to who I am.
  • Peacefully settling into myself is so much easier when I bring my full awareness to the soles of my feet and truly notice my connection to the earth underneath, who supports and carries me through my life.

My daily practice has become embodying these findings, making them as real in my everyday life as I can. I wholeheartedly cherish this continuous settling into my being and the process of filling myself out more and more with my true essence, while releasing what is not part of it.

For me, this is a spiritual practice and a powerful practice of self-realization, self-reflection, and healing. This embodiment of self-love, self-acceptance, forgiveness, presence, and mindfulness has helped me to cultivate deep and lasting peace within myself, a place inside that I can trust to be safe and nourishing.

And, perhaps, the best aspect of this spiritual path is that it is not only good for me. It is good for the world — yay! As I heal and become more whole and arrive more in myself, ripples of goodness, love, and healing can’t help but to twine their way into the web of our collective.



Hanna Maria
Mindfully Speaking

I love the earth! I like to see a healthier and kinder world that honours all life and I know that any change in the world always starts within, with me ...