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Brillance, Gratitude, & Rest

Mindfully Speaking’s September Newsletter

Photo by Elijah M. Henderson on Unsplash

The days are shorter. Fall arrives on quiet feet. We watch Gaia change around us as Nature sets Her forests ablaze with gold, red, and orange. Children return to their classrooms, in-person and virtually. Pumpkin Spice reappears in All. The. Things. Autumn from coffee to beer. The cadence of Life marches to a different beat.

In the Northern Hemisphere, Lammas is past and we look forward to Samhain with anticipation. We count our many blessings as we are thankful for All. Our. Abundance. Health, Wealth, and Love.

We wind down as we prepare for winter. We harvest the bounty as we prepare fields and bodies for a long rest. Autumn has its own vibration and scent. We wrap ourselves in warmer clothing and breathe in the cool, crispness of the season.

For our family, on a personal level, September is flooded with memories. My older daughter was born in September. She received a liver transplant two days after her twelfth birthday. All who know her story pause for inner reflection of those days and celebrate the miracle of medical science that gave us these past twenty-nine years with her — the miracle of her survival and the hope of long life and a bright future.

We remember we are blessed.

A huge thank you to our readers and writers. A very heartfelt welcome to our new contributors! We are deeply grateful to share The Journey with you all. May you & all beings be healthy. May you & all beings be happy. May you & all beings be safe.

New Writers:

Ida Kristiansen Balle: I Saw it in the Sky

Penny Grubb: Embracing Boredom Will Make You More Creative

Gary Niemen: If You Want to Go Beyond Mindfulness in Your Meditations, Try this 5-Step Practice

Cathy Joseph: Thought Jumbles — Conversations With Myself

Cameron Sidhe: A Buried Ferret

Annika Wappelhorst: 100 Hours of Meditation in 10 Days


Ugur Akinci, Ph.D.: Definition of Normal

Sylvia Clare MSc. Psychol: Enough

James Ben Ferguson: Winter

Also by James: Jailbird, Cat Tag

Randy Shingler: Birthday Reflections


Ann Litts: And So It Begins…


Ugur Akinci, Ph.D.: Painful Deaths of Spiritual Masters is a Puzzle for Spiritual Seekers

Sylvia Clare MSc. Psychol: Plum Village retreats

Also from Sylvia: Learning from Failure, Behavior is Communication

Rami Dhanoa: The Future Buddha Will Arrive in 2,500 Years

David Hughes: The Liberation of ‘Non-self’

Cathy Joseph: A Tale of Two Conversations

Also from Cathy: The Joy of Random Conversations

Also from Cathy: When Our Body Talks

Jace Loi: Letting Go of Meaning

Also from Jace: Meditation is Not About Regulation


Nalini MacNab: Preparing for Kablooey

Allison Noble: Open Your Heart and Live Fiercely

Sandra Pawula: How to Be Patient When Harmed


We, your Mindfully Speaking editors, wish you an autumn filled with creativity, compassion and new perspectives.

As a reminder, we have created a facebook page for our writers and readers. We’d love for you to take a peek: Mindfully Speaking Facebook Page.

Your editors,
Erika Burkhalter, Sylvia Clare MSc. Psychol, Ann Litts, Lacey Quintel, David Hughes, Aline Müller



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