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Mindfully Speaking

Conscious Space

Finding the source

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photo by Jonas Von Werne on Unsplash

A universal conscious space inside all of us and everywhere throughout the Universe is continuously becoming electrons, flowers, trees and human beings.

Moment by moment it’s changing the fabric of itself into all life and all experience of life.

It’s the raw stuff of consciousness itself and we can find it inside us by inwardly focusing our attention.

As our attention rests in the pre-conceptual inner space, we become aware of the un-altered stuff of consciousness itself.

Consciousness un-altered by thought, like an ocean untouched by wind.

Within the space and the silence, we realize this universal consciousness is aware of its presence everywhere, inside all of us.

As it transforms itself into the biochemistry of living beings thoughout the Universe, it’s the continuously generative source of all life.

This conscious and intelligent Universe is our home, and we’re always meshed into the universal intelligence that’s bringing all life on our planet into being.

And every moment of our experience of life is an experience this universal consciousness is having within and through all of us.

We’re all participants in something larger than ourselves, a conscious and intelligent Universe, encouraging and maintaining life throughout itself.

Mindfulness helps us dissolve our thoughts and find the single conscious space inside all of us that joins us into one common humanity.

It causes us to reach deeper into ourselves, finding inspiration for change.

And we can rediscover something intrinsic to our nature as human beings, something more universal than we were living with previously.

Inwardly focusing our attention helps us find the intuitive guidance, the energy, and enthusiasm to bring positive change into the world.

And we can find the inspiration to change our life, if we need to.



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Paul Mulliner

Paul Mulliner


Artist, animation designer and writer. Writing about inspiration, intuition, consciousness, dreams ….