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Consciousness in the Universe

Bringing mindfulness into our everyday life

“You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop” Rumi

Through our eyes, the universe is perceiving itself” Alan Watts

“Our real nature is not our imaginary, limited ego. Our true nature is vast, all-comprehensive, and intangible as empty space” Anagarika Govinda

Bringing mindfulness into our everyday life helps us bring more calm and peace into our day.

Amidst all the endless change in our lives, the continuously passing experiences, the lack of permanence, we can find an enduring center of conscious focus, an inner place we can always return to.

An enduring inner conscious center, within the continuous transience and change of our experience of living.

A joining into consciousness in the Universe.

When we focus our attention on the conscious space inside us, we begin to intuitively participate and engage with the conscious intelligence that exists in all space throughout the Universe.

The experience of living can sometimes be seen through the prism of separation, with matter thought of as the only reality in the world, and no recognition of anything that’s not an immediate tactile or visual experience.

The reality of living in a separate human body is often at the center of our mind and persuades us our conscious awareness is also separate.

We’re alive though, not as a consequence of random cosmic events, but because a field of universal consciousness and energy is continuously transforming itself into all life throughout the Universe.

The everyday sense we may have, that something profound exists under the surface of life, is an intuition about this universal consciousness in all space everywhere, and inside all of us, and we can get to know it and bring into our lives.

As we focus our attention in the inner spaciousness of conscious awareness, we can find the usual stream of our thoughts begins to dissolve away, leaving the quiet presence of being, and the continuous emergence of now.

We’ve found a conscious realization of the endlessly transient now moment, continuously coming into existence within us.

And an intuitive knowing of the one conscious space in all of us that’s giving rise to thoughts.

Consciously realizing this inner space helps us know the intuitive intelligence of universal consciousness, and bring its clarity and wisdom into our life.

Knowing an everyday mindfulness helps us live more simply and find intuitive solutions to our daily life issues.

Intuitive solutions that see our planet not as a separate ‘thing’ out there around us, but as one continuous field of cosmic energy and intelligence that includes all of us and all life, in the same space as our innermost self.

Intuitions and insights that may help us bring productive change into the world to lessen the impact of the multiple global crises now emerging on our planet.

Intelligent change that becomes easier to bring into the world, when we find the inspiration available to us from practicing a simple daily mindfulness.

As we inwardly focus our attention, and allow thoughts of the future, the past, our current life situation and even our separation from others to dissolve away, we can find the stillness and silence of now, and know the spacious universal consciousness that exists inside all of us.

This mysterious and inexpressible oneness is like a conscious ocean under the surface of all our lives, and it’s always available to us.

Both unique and inseparably joined, we’re seamlessly embedded into the whole fabric of everything everywhere, expressions of a cosmic field of consciousness and energy that’s continuously transforming itself into the delicate, orchestrated beauty of living-cell biochemistry throughout the Universe.

Each one of us woven into a field of universal consciousness continuously transforming itself into all life and all experience everywhere.

Choosing to focus our attention inwardly, helps us make the shift from separation to wholeness, and intuitively realize ourselves as living expressions of an unlimited cosmic intelligence, transforming itself into the material form of human beings for the duration of a human life.




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