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June’s summary and what next?

This year seems to be throwing us all into confusion and chaos. We are living in interesting times! But my mother lived through the second world war as a child, through the blitz over London too, so how much different has my life been to hers. Can we compare? Not really. Not even to each other. We all experience the world through the lens of our own understanding, each one unique, and thus for all of us this time has a different slant to it.

These challenges are bringing up so much behaviour that is less than dignified, and some of it is actively unkind or destructive. Yet again it is also showing how kind and caring so many of us are too, how co-operation is the only way for humankind to really thrive on this home planet as it always was going back into human origins, and that we need to build better relationships with our home planet and each other as a result.

As usual our contributors skilfully address many of these topics in our fifteen articles published during June and I am so pleased to say that below is the summary, so if you missed any then now is your chance to catch up and read them all.

We are still open to new writers too, drop us a line and let us explore more about the deeper human potentials together.

Our topics look at how politics can be better informed by our mindfulness practise, and how we can use our mindfulness approaches to cope with these difficult and challenging times.


















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Sylvia Clare MSc. Psychol

Sylvia Clare MSc. Psychol

Mindfulness teacher, poet, advocate for mental health and compassionate living, author of ‘No Visible Injuries’, ‘Living Well and Loving ADHD’ and many others