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Meditation In Style

How To Find The Right Technique That Will Work For Your Current Goals

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Our world is full of possibilities. Seemingly, we all could live happily, because so many things contribute to our development and self-realization. But statistics show the opposite: in the last 30 years, the level of stress in adult life has increased by 19%.

How do we deal with persistent anxiety that interferes with thinking strategically and achieving important life goals? The answer is to find peace within yourself through suitable meditation techniques.

There are many meditation techniques that can help you process your feelings, listen to your body, clear your mind, and more. The first step of our journey must be in an understanding of the importance of meditation.

Why meditation is beneficial

In East culture, there is a perception that the human mind is an animal that needs to be tamed and calmed. And no, this is not about magic “Om” or trance as is commonly believed. In Buddhist practice, calming the mind means developing concentration. That’s why meditation is about how to control yourself and therefore — set up for success through inner peace.

The final stage of this process is the transformation of consciousness, a change in the worldview and organization of the personality: the elimination of destructive, dangerous (for oneself and others) behavior, speech, thoughts, and emotions. And for those who have never tried to do it before, there is a long way to go to see the first results.

Lots of scientific researches have been devoted to the impact of meditation. One of them is the work of scientists Daniel Goleman and Richard Davidson called “Changed character traits”.

Their experiments analyzed how meditation affects the human brain and consciousness.

To do this, Goleman and Davidson used the Medoc thermal stimulator, a device that simulates the sensations of a burn, but without damage to the skin. People who practice meditation tolerate pain 2 degrees higher, and analysis of their brains at this moment show less activity in the lobes responsible for sensations.

I hope this convinced you to start practicing meditation. Next time we’ll talk about the many types of meditation: guided and unguided, and how to choose the appropriate one.



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