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Meditation In Style: How To Find The Right Technique That Will Work For Your Current Goals

Good day, dear readers. Previously, I explained why meditation is so important in our lives. And as I promised, today we’ll learn more about guided and unguided meditations, the difference between them, and how the guided one works.

Guided vs unguided meditation

There are different ways to meditate but all of them can be divided into two groups: those that better perform in complete silence and alone, or with the help of a guide.

Guided meditation means that someone online or offline can explain how to do the practice correctly. This person of course should be a practitioner who’s trained and whose skills are certified. Why is this condition so important? Generally, your meditation success depends on this person. Your teacher should be able to help you when you have challenges, explain how to bring meditation correctly in your everyday life and how to choose the needed technology for a specific aim. You are not supposed to feel embarrassed when repeating mantras or yoga asanas after your guide. You should be able to address any question and hear a complete answer. Even the voice of the guide should help you relax.

Unguided meditation allows you to dig deeper into your feelings as it should be performed in silence. When you feel confident in your inner strength, when you’ve mastered basic techniques you can proceed to silent meditation. Here you’ll need to control your thoughts flow and body response all by yourself. You can choose the time, the place, and the degree of silence for every meditation.

It’s up to your level what meditation style to choose. Just don’t give up when at first you don’t find the right guide or you fail to sit for 5 minutes in complete silence without any thoughts. Remember, it all comes with practice, and the more actively you ask, the better response you’ll get.

How guided meditation works

Just like parents helped us to make first baby steps, the guided meditation assists us in choosing and performing correctly varied meditating methods. As a beginner you can easily get distracted, choose the wrong mantras, and you may even sit wrong.

You can start by using the Human Cosmos app where you’ll find many effective and suitable meditation techniques. Improve your skills, learn to control your mind, and feel how the body responds to it. When you have questions, doubts, talk to our experts. Find your spiritual guide who can support you and hold your hand when you feel like giving up.

Become a part of a community where people have shared interests and even shared stories about how they started practicing.

Meditation is not about a goal-oriented plan of inhales and exhales. It’s about process and concentration at the moment. That’s why it’s ok to ask for help, the advice with such a complex thing.




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