Mindfully Speaking
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Mindfully Speaking

Songs of Hope

And love

photo by Chris Moore on Unsplash

There’s an unheard sound
that happens
in the silence of a heart.

It’s consciousness
throughout the Universe
becoming the here and now.

It’s like a cosmic light inside us
becoming love and dreams
and moments of experience.

And as clouds slowly stream
across the sky,
and time just slips away,
there are always moments of beauty
in our short and special human life,
moments when we’re touched
by some kind of inexpressible
cosmic presence,
like when a choir sings opera
by candlelight
as rain steams down the window,
and a gentle wind moves
the branches of nearby trees
as unknown birds cry
and circle in the sky.

Moments when we know
the infinite silence
gazing through us.

The silent voice of intuition.



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