Mindfully Speaking
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Mindfully Speaking

The Endless Garden

Of our heart

Image by 18121281 from Pixabay

There’s a single consciousness
inside all life everywhere,
a spatial intelligence
arranging the orchestration
of stars, electrons and the
biochemistry of our body,
it’s the one conscious space
holding the Universe together.

Like music becoming visible,
it’s vibrationally transforming itself
and emerging continuously into appearance
as trees, flowers and human beings.

We reach into and know
this invisible poetry,
this arranging intelligence,
this resonance of tuned vibrations,
when we focus our attention inwardly,
and find the knowing
that knows all of us as itself,
the hidden sound
of the endless garden of our heart.



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Paul Mulliner

Paul Mulliner

Artist, animation designer and writer. Writing about inspiration, intuition, consciousness, dreams ….