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Mindfully Speaking

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Seeing the World Differently

Finding new ways of being. And new ways of living

Be the change that you wish to see in the world” Mahatma Gandhi

The 2020 pandemic lockdown has brought us a reflective pause from life as usual, a time to maybe rethink some of what we value, and make changes to our daily life.

A chance to remind ourselves of the important things.

And ask some essential questions.

Can we find ways to restructure our way of living, recover our health and the health of our planet?

Can we visualize a green recovery, encouraging cycle use, renewable energy, electric vehicles and videoconferencing?

And can we find time in our daily life to practice mindfulness regularly, discovering the calm and peace of the conscious space inside all of us?

The 2020 global pandemic creates opportunities for new beginnings that seem impossible during ordinary times.

Could the profound reset we’re living through, begin the essential and long overdue process of changing our outdated worldview?

Could we start to see the cosmic field underlying the visible Universe as a coherent, intelligent and conscious living organism, rather than a dead space filled with dust and inert gases?

Could we create a 21st century worldview in sync with the physics research community that discovered all ‘material stuff’ to be clusters of wave patterns in a field of cosmic energy.

A cosmic energy that’s also maybe a field of conscious intelligence?

Mindfulness helps us engage and participate with this conscious intelligence in all space everywhere, finding intuitive guidance and inspiration as we tune in to it.

It’s expressing itself as all life on our planet, mysteriously transforming itself into the precisely orchestrated biochemistry of our bodies, allowing us to live life as a human being.

Becoming mindfully present, intuitively realizing the universal conscious space, helps us dissolve our usual and conventional view of reality.

And especially the conventional view that fundamental changes to our ways of doing things in the world are impossible.

The necessary changes to fossil-fuel use required to lessen the destructive impact of climate change are all entirely possible, but the most fundamental and difficult change needed is a change in our consciousness, a change in the way we see the Universe and our planet.

Everyday mindfulness brings insight and inspiration, as we realize ourselves merged into, woven-into a conscious Universe that includes all of us in a single space, where there’s no other, only the appearance of others.

An inner focus of attention helps us dissolve all apparent separation, joining us into the one conscious space in all of us.

And joining us also, into a universal consciousness throughout the Universe that’s expressing itself as all life.

Each one of us is an essential part of the living cosmic field of conscious intelligence that joins all living beings on our planet and throughout the Universe, into a single coherent organism.

Despite the persuasive appearance created by our human body senses of sight and touch, the planet isn’t a separate ‘thing’ out there around us, but exists in the same space as our innermost self.

A simple daily mindfulness helps us be intuitively connected into the conscious Universe, and we can realize our essential interconnection and interdependence, rather than seeing ourselves as separated from each other and our planet.

Finding our own peace, health and well-being, helps us also value the health and well-being of planet Earth.

With digital self-organizing communities, virtual common-interest groups, we can begin to see ourselves as connected inhabitants of one whole planet, rather than citizens of separate nations.

Realizing ourselves to be connected into a planet-wide consciousness helps us find the strength and solidarity to stay healthy through the 2020 pandemic and subsequent changes to our lives.

Whatever we’re doing in the world, a moment or two taking a focus of attention inward helps us find guidance and inspiration, and the realization that we’re knowingly connected into a conscious Universe.

Among the daily reminders of how fragile life is, how vulnerable we all are to unexpected change, and how our moment by moment experience of living exists in a continuous interaction with chance and circumstance, we can find one constant presence, an inner realization of the universal consciousness that joins us.

Finding this presence helps us live in sync with the Tao, the consciousness-organism in all space that’s expressing itself as all life everywhere.



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