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What a summer we have had!

Blue skies and lots of sunshine for us in the UK yes, but what else? And where else in the world are you all based?

It has been challenging in all sorts of ways, many of them quite unexpected ones too. But if you are reading this you ahve come through it — as we have here at home. As Thich Nhat Hanh says, if you have one eye and can see the sky you have reasons to be happy.

I often think of that quotation as a source of inspiration for my own life, and wonder if that was truly all I had, would I remember that and would that be enough for me to find deep joy and happiness in this life. I doubt it.

But that is me being honest about my limitations as a meditation practitioner and spiritual seeker. And that is what we are about here. Looking at life in smaller and larger ways. What are we being shown in each moment? How are we choosing to interpret those showings? What might we do differently to invite change into our daily experiences of that which we cannot control happening around us? How can we maintain calm equanimity in the face of such challenges when the enormity of it all can seem utterly overwhelming?

Staying centred is the only way forward, however you achieve that for yourself, and this summer’s reads provide you with ways to do that. so here are the quick links below and do catch up on any you missed earlier this summer. We have articles about how mindfulness can help you to have the best relationships, to cope or even get well from mental health conditions, poetry to inspire you and lots more little tips and pieces. Gratitude seems to be a theme too, perhaps it has never been more important than right now.

If you have some topics you would like us to address then drop us a note about that.

If you would like to write for Dharma talk — drop us a line or send us a link to a draft and we will get right back to you. We want pieces that relate to a spiritual journey, either a personal account or some guidance for those coming behind us. Whatever you feel you are moved to offer us we will consider it well.




















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Sylvia Clare MSc. Psychol

Sylvia Clare MSc. Psychol

Mindfulness teacher, poet, advocate for mental health and compassionate living, author of ‘No Visible Injuries’, ‘Living Well and Loving ADHD’ and many others