Wahconah Falls — A Two Minute Meditation

This is the second from a series of waterfall shoots I made the first weekend in March. Third on my trip. This stop was Wahconah Falls.

One of the things that I played with over the weekend was my new Olloclip telephoto lens. It gives me the chance to get a little closer with better quality. In my opinion, not bad for $99.

The falls are named from a young girl of legend whose fate was decided at these falls. Wahconah was to be married to one of two men, depending on the course of a canoe set adrift at the falls. One course would be discerned as the Great Spirit’s election for her to marry an elderly Mohawk and the other a young noble soldier of King Philip.

Choices are funny things. Our sense of free will and autonomy drive us to make choices carefully. But what control have we over the outcomes of our choices? No more important to our modern sensibilities is our choice of a mate. Marrying for love is something that most of us in the west intuit as a natural right. I’m very much in that camp. But it’s not hard to imagine many of the practical benefits of having someone help you decide.

As with everything there is a balance. With decision making we balance our knowledge, experience, and preferences with the unpredictable nature of karma. Often times the decisions are much less important than how we decide to live with them.

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