Why I write a daily journal

Reason 1:

All successful people I met said: “I keep a daily journal”.

Reason 2:

Reason 1 was not enough motivation for me to get started.

Then one day, I tried remembering what I did the day before. My memory was scattered and I was getting forgetful.

(If you can say in vivid detail what happened yesterday, you can stop reading this post. If not please hang on)

Reason 3:

I want to be better. I really want to be better than yesterday.

I don’t want to sleep walk my days. I do not want to be a zombie, I want to create new steps.

I want my days to be steps in my journey, no matter how insignificant they are in a culture of reality stars.

Reason 4:

I was getting answers to questions that I always wanted to ask, but never had time.

How much time have I invested on work and Life? Am I using my precious asset (time) in the best manner possible?

How many tasks have I achieved?; Am I happy with the work I did today?

What are the things I can do tomorrow, to be better at what I do?

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