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Fellow Researchers,

It is with great pride and honor that we doth announce vital information in regard to a momentous occasion: the mint of Elder MINDS NFTs — Generation 0.

The mint of our first NFT collection is set for the 21st of March at 20:00 UTC.

These being said, let’s go through all important aspects of the MIND Games NFTs: mint number & price, Brainlist, Classes, Sets, Rarities, Brainstorming, Trading and In-game utility.


The mint of Elder MINDS, our Gen 0 collection containing 2118 MINDS NFTs, will take place at the Tavern — our NFT Marketplace.

The price is 0.02 ETH + a one-time Tavern fee of 100 CRX. This CRX supply will be burned after the mint.

The mint will carry out in 2 phases: private and public.

The private phase will start 21st of March at 20:00 UTC.

To be eligible for the private phase, you’ll need to be “Brainlisted”. The Brainlist is awarded to our early supporters and most engaged fans, and guarantees a mint of 1 NFT per brainlisted address before the public phase starts.

It is limited to 800 spots, and there are still some left that we will give to the most active and helping members of our community, through partner collab giveaways, or various games, contests and giveaways organized by MIND Games.

The public phase will begin immediately after the private phase ends and will take place on a first-come, first-served basis. For this phase, there is no limit on the number of NFTs that can be minted by a single address.


The Tavern is a NFT marketplace, being an essential part of the MIND Games ecosystem.

Here you are able to trade & rent NFTs, discover & evaluate MINDS, and look for great combos between them in order to create new MINDS via Brainstorming. (more details in the “Brainstorming” section below)

Once the minting process is completed, Cortex (CRX) will be the sole currency accepted in the Tavern.

Thus, all transactions that take place here will generate fees in CRX, that will be sent to the Treasury*.

More than this, keep in MIND that the Tavern will also be available for other projects that want to build game worlds on top of our infrastructure.


Elder MINDS (Generation 0) are the first MIND Games NFTs to be minted, and therefore, the most scarce and valuable, given also their limited number: 2118.


MINDS come in 10 fantastic sets of 10 unique cards each: Famous Brainiacs, Arcade Titans, Minds In Tights, Legends, L’Artiste, Cryptonauts, Warriortopia, Competitive, New Horizons, Mentalists.

Moreover, there is also an extra set, called Wild Jokesters, containing 10 unique wild cards that have special features in all the game modes. For example, in the Arena, wild cards will grant all the other MINDS in his team as an in-set bonus.

There are bonuses earned for using in-set cards and synergies between cards from the same categories.


The cards are divided into rarities: Smart, Intelligent, Brilliant, Genius, and Savant. Rarities are a descriptor for a card’s power and uniqueness. Each part of the game will use Rarity differently.


Each MIND belongs to a class which describes the card’s combination of SRT (Synapse Response Time) and Stats. There are 6 classes: Thinker, Node, Sensor, Leech, Wave, Melder.


All cards are minted with three statistics: Frontal, Motor, and Temporal. Each Class uses one of these as their Main Stat. This represents the role these cards are best suited for.

For example, within the Neuropia Quests, a Thinker class card will use its “Frontal” Main Stat to extract the maximum amount of resources from “Fable Binding” Quests. Instead, within the Arena, the “Frontal” Main Stat, will give a card more resilience against Motor or Temporal attacks.


IQ is the life essence of the MINDS. This determines a MIND’s place in society and its level of skill. Not all cards have the same IQ levels. For example, if all MINDS have an IQ over 200, Larry is more of a 142.

A card’s Rarity influences the average IQ a card has and the other statistics. IQ is invaluable to all our NFTs since it will determine a player’s victory or loss.

SRT (Synapse Response Time) defines a MIND’s reaction time, thus getting the upper hand in combat situations. A lower SRT value means increased speed, so an NFT with 0.6 SRT will act faster than an NFT with an SRT value of 1.

Mind Moxie

MINDS spend Moxie in order to participate in various game modes.

Each gains 10 Moxie every 8 hours, but Potions can be crafted at the Artisan to restore some Moxie to a MIND.

Playing in the Arena with a MIND character will lock that card on the Arena game mode for a day, meaning that the MIND can only play Arena for that day, until his Daily Moxie fades.


At the Sanctum, Researchers discover Brainstorming — the process of breeding new MIND NFTs.

In order to do this, CRX tokens as well as other resources are required — see below.

The CRX collected through the Brainstorming event will be sent to the Treasury*.

Brainstorming requires two MINDS, which we will refer to as the Original ones. When the Originals Brainstorm, then the new MIND created has a chance to be of a higher rarity than they were. Moreover, The statistics and traits of the newly created MIND can vary from its original ancestors.

Based on the above table you can guide your Brainstorming process. The 2 original MINDS will determine different aspects of the future MIND’s traits.

Once the Brainstorming process is complete and they Stormsurge, the two Originals, need time to rest. If they are Elders the resting period will be 24 hours. If they are subsequent generations, the resting time will increase.


The Researcher NFT represents your avatar, as well as your personal playstyle throughout the game. As you play and gain experience, you will be able to upgrade to higher levels, giving you various in-game advantages.

Keep in MIND that you can own multiple Researcher NFTs, and they can be traded in the Tavern as well, which is why it might be worth leveling it up.


A researcher has 15 Energy every 8 hours, meaning that you can perform 15 Commands per 8 hours. You can increase the number of commands later by using Potions or other revitalizing agents.

Researchers spend Energy to participate in any game mode.


Each activity within the MIND Games universe, be it achieving milestones, winning matches, or completing daily tasks, awards players Experience points.

Experience is needed to upgrade your Researcher to higher levels, giving you more power and better rewards.

In order to Upgrade your Researcher to the next level, you need to unlock 5 Brackets. Each Bracket can be unlocked once you reach the Experience threshold needed for the respective Bracket. Once you unlock all the 5 Brackets in a level, your Researcher can upgrade to the next level.


The talents target various aspects of the games. Players can develop their character towards increasing specific statistics of the card or creating balanced and versatile cards.

After unlocking the five needed Brackets to Level Up, you can learn a Talent Point.

Learning Talents will cost you Cortex (CRX) and DATA SHEETS gathered throughout the game. The cost of learning the Talent Point is tied to the Tier of talent you are leveling.

Upgrading your Researcher to the next Tier will also increase the rewards earned.

Each game mode has its own set of Talents for which you earn experience:

  • Arena Talents:

Cerebro (Frontal Focus) — Thinker/Leech

Parietal (Motor Focus) — Node/Wave

Thalamite (Temporal Focus) — Sensor/Melder

  • Neuropia Talents (TBD)
  • Metaverse Talents (TBD)

Game Modes

In MIND Games, there are 3 main Game Modes that Researchers can explore and engage in to evolve their character and MINDS: Arena, Neuropia and Metaverse.


The Arena is a PVP (Player vs Player) game mode that allow you to play two types of matches:

official — Arena Ranked, and friendly — Arena Challenger.

Arena Challenger — 3v3

Requires a Researcher NFT and 3 MIND NFTs.

In this game mode, you challenge other players to a match for an ETH wager. The bet can be of 0.01, 0.05, 0.1, 0.25, 0.5 or 1 ETH.

After the match is settled, the total wager (cumulative amounts from both players) will be distributed as follows:

  • 50% goes back to the winner in ETH
  • 40% is swapped in CRX and goes to the winner
  • 10% is swapped in CRX and goes to the Treasury*

* The Treasury is responsible with budgeting the prizes for Arena Ranked top players, as well as awarding additional premiums for the Ranked players, for special events, quest or other in-game rewards.

Consolation Cookies are awarded for each loss.

In case of draw: players get back their ETH wagered on that match.

Arena Ranked — 5v5

Requires a Researcher NFT and 5 MIND NFTs.


  • 100 XP per win / 50 XP per loss
  • 5 AUR per win (increased by the current Talent tier)
  • Data Sheets per win (5% Drop Chance)
  • Consolation Cookies per loss

In case of a draw there is no reward.

Ranked Ladder

Players in the Arena Ranked will be enrolled into a Ranked Ladder. By defeating other challengers, they climb the ranks in a ELO based system.

Ranked Ladders: Scholar, Diplomat, Logician, Architect, Mentant.

Each player will start at a base level of 1200 ELO at Scholar rank. They will advance based on the Rank/ELO of the opponents they defeat.

At the end of every month, players in Arena Ranked will be rewarded with fees accumulated from Arena Challenger in that month. The rewards will be distributed based on the position in the Ranked Ladders. The first 5 positions will receive a bonus reward.

How to play Arena (in short)

The NFTs have various stats that determine the amount and frequency of damage they can deal to an enemy and their resistance to being attacked.

Also, all cards have an overall IQ stat, and once it reaches 0, that card is eliminated from the match.

The players have an Attacker and a Defender position on the board, while they keep the other cards in their hand.

After every round, the players can choose to swap the cards in play.

Each card has a series of 3 abilities that can be used for either defense, offense, or passive boosts.

The winner of the Arena is the last one with an NFT card still standing!


Neuropia is a solo adventure mode with missions that bring bonuses and resources. These are later used to develop your settlement within the MINDS world. Also, here you can grow and upgrade your NFT cards to get better statistics and earn more rewards.

Use the P.O.R.T.A.L. to send your MINDS on daily quests and reap the benefits. This is similar to staking, with each mission bringing plenty of rewards.

Class-specific Quests:

  • Cryptography — Send a Sensor or a Melder to unlock locked CRX obtained from Piero’s Statue into CRX or Building Materials
  • Soul Casting — Send a Leech or a Thinker to try casting a soul into AUR or Building Materials
  • Seafair — Send a Wave or a Node to get CRX or Building Materials. Will only reward CRX if there are offerings made on the specific pairs.

Stat-specific Quests:

  • Fable Binding — Receive Lore Fragments and the occasional Thoughtless Box throughout Stem’s lush biomes.
  • The Registrar — Receive Deeds and Thoughtless Box by doing your taxes and filings.
  • Extraction — Receive Shabby Tooth and Thoughtless Box from various contracted quests.

Moreover, in Neuropia game mode you can construct new buildings, upgrade them, create production lines, explore the map and unlock new avenues to gain passive in-game income.


As a land-owner type game, the MINDverse involves investing and upgrading the production of various resources, which are used to unlock more avenues of earning rewards and in-game currencies and develop your territories further. Properties can be sold, rented and their value increases based on the level of development. Grow your territories, extract and process all resources, trade on the market with other players, and become a MIND Mogul.


Wheel of Gnomon

In this mini-game, players can use CRX to buy a ticket and spin the wheel to double its value or even receive a monumental x10. Other rewards can be won.

The wheel can be spun an unlimited amount of times per day.


The Artisan is your personal crafter and quest-giver.

It can craft for you various potions and consumables, like Potions of Swiftmind (Moxie potions), Energy Potions, Tickets, Lore, Data Sheets and Thoughtless Boxes, using the basic resources. Once crafted, the new items cannot be taken apart back into its original ingredients.

The two quests that are available at the Artisan are the Callos expedition and the Thalamos expedition, each awarding resources needed for various game functions such as Brainstorming.



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