mindlevelup: The Book | Table of Contents

It’s about…leveling up your mind.

Overview of this book:

This book is roughly organized into 9 sections :

0) Introduction
What this book is even about.

1) WTF is Rationality?
A quick introduction to what rationality even is. Covers instrumental and epistemic rationality, cognitive biases, and System 1 & 2.

2) Starting Advice
4 things that I think are very useful to keep in mind as you read onwards.

3) Planning 101
An overview of how our planning is often overconfident. Goes over stats, research, and several techniques to reduce bias in planning.

4) Interlude 1
Two awesome concepts to think about.

5) Habits 101
An overview of habits, how they form, and how to break them. An in-depth exploration of multiple techniques for both creating and removing habits.

6) Interlude 2
Two even more awesome concepts to think about.

7) Attractor Theory
A model of decision-making that combines motivation and environmental design. Basically it’s about how you should consider the effects of actions on yourself.

8) Closing Disclaimer
Rationality is great. But don’t let it control you.