Our minds are vast associative machines capable of categorizing and relating millions of bits of information and making them instantly available.

Shouldn’t our writing medium reflect this power?

Shouldn’t technology augment our intelligence instead of replacing it?

The mindlike :: blog is a written series on the philosophy, design, and technology of post-paper meaning-making, and documents the development of the mindlike app that embodies this approach.

Coming Soon!

Edit 9/11/16: I am currently busy completing my M.A. in Contemplative Counseling Psychology as well as working as a software engineer in the Ethereum community. I have a partially complete prototype of the mindlike app, several thousand design notes, and various written outlines for the anticipated blog series. It is a great relief knowing that this project is firmly embedded in my psyche, and will not rest until I have set aside the time to make it a reality :).

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