Android Development Learning Path — 2020 Edition

Amit Shekhar
Dec 16, 2019 · 2 min read

A Complete Learning path for Android Developer

I have been continuously getting requests on different channels to help with the learning path for Android Developers. So, I decided to answer this and help learners. I am sure this is going to help many developers who are willing to become a better Android Developer.

You just need to follow the following path for learning Android Development in 2020. You can find the updated resources to learn each topic mentioned in the learning path here.

Watch the video format here.

Let's get started


  • Java
  • Kotlin

Android Studio

  • Android Studio IDE Overview
  • Project Structure — Java/Kotlin, XML, .gradle files

Android Component

  • Activity — Activity Lifecycle, Tasks & Back Stack
  • Service
  • Broadcast Receiver
  • Content Provider


  • Types of Intent - Implicit, Explicit
  • Intent Filter

Static User Interface

  • View — Button, ImageView, TextView, EditText, and etc
  • ViewGroup - LinearLayout, RelativeLayout, FrameLayout, ConstraintLayout

Dynamic User Interface

  • RecyclerView
  • ViewPager
  • Spinner


  • Canvas
  • Bitmap
  • Paint

UI Resources

  • Drawables
  • String
  • Styles


  • Fragment Lifecycle
  • Fragment Manager

Support User Interface

  • ProgressBar
  • Dialogs
  • Toast & Snackbar


  • Shared Preferences
  • File Systems
  • Database — RoomDB


  • Gradle
  • Debug / Release Configuration


  • Threads
  • Handler / Looper


  • Memory profiling
  • Logging
  • Systrace
  • Exceptions
  • Error Handling

Memory Leak

  • Detecting and Fixing Memory Leaks
  • Context

3rd Party Library

  • Image Loading - Glide, Picasso
  • Dependency Injection - Dagger
  • Networking - Fast Android Networking Library, Retrofit
  • MultiThreading - RxJava, Coroutines

Data Format

  • Flat Buffer
  • Protocol Buffer

Android Jetpack

  • Foundation Components — AppCompat, Android KTX, Multidex
  • Architecture Components — LiveData, ViewModel, DataBinding, Paging, Work Manager, Navigation
  • Behaviour Components - Download Manager, Media Playback, Notification, Permissions, Preference, Sharing, Slice
  • UI Component - Animation & Transition, Android Auto, Emoji, Palette, Android TV, Android Wear


  • MVVM
  • MVI
  • MVP

Unit Testing

  • Local Unit Testing
  • Instrumentation Testing


  • FCM
  • Crashlytics
  • Analytics
  • Remote Config
  • App Indexing
  • Dynamic Link


  • Encrypt / Decrypt
  • Proguard
  • R8

App Release

  • .keystore file
  • App Bundle
  • Playstore

Keep Learning and Improving

Keep looking for new content on Android Development here.

If you are looking for interview preparation kit for your next job. Check here for the Tech Interview Preparation Kit.

You can download the image format of this learning path from here.

You can find the updated free tutorials to learn each topic mentioned in the learning path here.

If you need any help during your learning, do not hesitate to reach out to me via different channels: Twitter, Linkedin, Github, Quora, and Facebook.

Thanks, have a wonderful journey ahead.


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Our community publishes stories worth reading on Android Development

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