Android Online Training Course: Android App Development Training

About the Android Online Training Course

What is Android App Development Training?

Android App Development Training is an intensive technical training program for 2 months which teaches the industry standard Android development skills by the top professionals.

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MindOrks Android Online Training is the first-ever online training to provide optimized learning in the real environment which helps you in learning the important problem-solving techniques for real problem faced while building real Android apps.

Android Developer is one of the top-3 most in-demand developer positions which requires excellently trained developers.

  • In this training, learn to build Android apps from scratch.
  • This training is flexible to fit your busy life through recorded videos.
  • This training provides you the personalized learning paths.
  • This Andriod training comes with 24 X 7 mentorship support.
  • Learn Android development from basic to advance by building a complete Android app.
  • Learn to build professional Android Apps using MVP, MVVM and Architecture Components.
  • In this training, you will be learning Kotlin from scratch.
  • Learn Dagger.
  • You will be learning the RxJava.
  • Learn Unit-Test.
  • Understand the minute details of software development.

Benefits of the Android Development Online Training

  • Job Focused Software Development Training: We are solving the biggest problem of software jobs where only 5% of developers are considered fit for software development by training them through real-world software development projects.
  • Flexible and Guided Online Learning Program: This is the first online coding training model where we learn by building application under the guidance of best in the field professional developers.
  • Become Eligible For Top Paying Android jobs: You learn to visualize the solution by breaking the projects into components and then build those components in collaboration with other learners. We also provide interview focused sessions.

Android Online Training Process

  • Learn by building the app like Instagram.
  • 2 months of online training.
  • Watch the video and learn.
  • Work on the real project with the real problem.
  • Learn Kotlin, Architecture, MVVM, RxJava, Dagger, Unit-Test.
  • Clear doubts on the slack channel.
  • Code review.
  • Essential DS & Algo for Android Developer.
  • Interview and career tips.
  • Contribute to open-source.
  • Get industry-recognized certification.
  • Direct interview with the top companies based on the performance.

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