How to become more productive in android with android studio plugins

Bal sikandar
Aug 18, 2017 · 5 min read

Android studio is a very robust tool. It has the simplest and yet the most flexible interface to design UI for all types of devices. We can drag and drop views and widgets in our layout editor and customise it to the minor details with few xml lines. It has the best in the industry tools for code editing, debugging and performance profiling all at the cost of zero. But we still want more of it to be more productive in our daily exercise.

What makes us productive?

  • To be able to write more lines with few keys.
  • To be able to debug and profile your code quicker.

In my opinion, to understand your IDE better can make you more productive. It has so much to offer which we may haven’t explored.

To see what else android studio has in his pocket. Let’s dive into plugins. Plugins extends the project capabilities and enrich developing experience. Best part about plugins is how easy it is to install. Go to Preferences -> Plugins in Mac and browse plugins from one of the below option.

Latest plugin

1- Flutter

Code generators

1- MVP generator

2- Parcelable generator

3- DTOnator

4- ButterKnifeZelezny

5- Android Selectors Generate

UI Plugins

1- Material Theme UI EAP

2- CodeGlance

3- Advanced Java Folding

4- Android DPI Calculator


1-JVM Debugger Memory view

2-JRebel for Android

3-Android Resource Usage Count



Note : If you have android minsdkversion ≥ 18 you can also convert your images to WebP format by right clicking on one or all selected images together to attain max compression and reduce APK size.

2-Folding Plugin



5-Android Wifi ADB

For more awesome and useful plugins check this project.

Happy coding :)

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Our community publishes stories worth reading on software development and design. Android | Machine Learning | #MakeEveryoneCode

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