How To Submit Your Article on MindOrks Publication

How to become a writer on MindOrks?

On Mindorks Medium Publication itself, Mindorks is a family of more than 20,000 developers which means if you are a writer at Mindorks, you are already connected to these many developers.

Learning is a journey, let’s learn together.

The steps are very simple. You just have to provide your email address and link of your medium profile through this form.

Link to the form.

As an example, the link of my medium profile is

After reviewing your application, you will be added as a writer at Mindorks Publication. You will be notified through an email within 0 to 48 hours.

Then, you can write and submit the draft of your article on the Mindorks Publication.

After writing, to submit your draft click on the top-right menu icon.

Then click on “Add to publication” and select Mindorks as shown below.

After selecting Mindorks, click “Add draft”.

That’s it. Congratulations, your article has been submitted on MindOrks. We will review and publish it very soon.

Thank you very much. I am really excited to have you as a writer at MindOrks Publication.

Amit Shekhar