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Implement Pagination In RecyclerView Using RxJava Operators

Implement Pagination In RecyclerView Using RxJava Operators

Nowadays, most of the applications that we use in our daily life comes with the scrolling feature. They fetch data as we scroll down more from the data sources like network, database, and etc. They load the data on demand. As we scroll down it loads more data.

So, having the scrolling feature in the Android application is very common. And, we as a developer have the responsibility to implement the pagination in a better way.

Let’s see how to implement it in a better way using the RxJava Operators.

Don’t forget: There is an operator for everything in RxJava.

I personally believe that we can solve any complex problem very easily with RxJava which can be very difficult without RxJava. RxJava is just awesome.

Let’s jump directly into the implementation of the Pagination in RecyclerView using the RxJava Operators.

First of all, create a simulation of the data source for the example purpose.

Then, create a very simple adapter for the RecyclerView.

Then set up the loadMoreListener on the RecyclerView and also subscribe for the data.

Now, you are all set to build and run the sample app which will load the data using the pagination implementation.

This is how we should implement the pagination in RecyclerView using the operators in RxJava.

For the complete working example, check out this project.

That’s it for now. Happy learning :)

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