International Business: Localization on Google Play

Akshay Nandwana
Jan 18, 2019 · 4 min read

Localizing your product helps to reach out to more and more user. Did you know that you can reach almost 80% of internet users worldwide with only 10 languages.

Google has released the latest service called Google Play App Translation Service on play console. This service simplifies localization of our app user interface string, store listing, in-app product names, and universal apps campaign ads.

Let’s take a quick walkthrough of this service:

There are three ways available in this service

  1. Quick and easy
  2. Professional and human
  3. Value for money

Here, you can order in minutes and translations deliver eight days max. If readings are small then delivered within two days. This type of conversions can do within the play console, or we can download to use it in our apps.

Here, translations are done by human translators. These people are the professional translators selected by Google based on quality translations and their speed.
Why use human translations?
Professional translators consider several factors when translating:

  • the target audience
  • the context in which the text strings will appear (surrounding UI, and available space)
  • nuances specific to the country or the language

Translations are done by $0.07 per word. You can only pay per word for each language you translate. For example, conversion of 200 words into one language at $0.07 per word would cost only $14.

Let’s get started with 4 step process:

  1. Select Language
  2. Select Content
  3. Review Order
  4. Pay

There are over 42 languages available in which you can get your translations.

Select the type of content which you want to translate. You can also attach files like GIF, JPG, PNG or ZIP which will provide the details like length limits, the path of string files, description of your target audience etc.

Selecting the Store listing text helps to convert the title of your app, short and full descriptions which displayed on Play Store.

Selecting the APK string, you need to upload your string XML file or a CSV file which consist of all your strings.

You can review your order here. To show, I had selected all the languages in the first step and Store listing text in the second step. Here, you can get the details of all the words and their detailed price.
English UK with the lowest price of $0.04/word and also there are other four languages with the highest amount of $0.18/word.

Lastly, you need to add your card details for the checkout.

Google Play App Translation Service will also offer you translation recommendations based on your apps google’s comparative analysis. This is done using machine learning and is based on your app’s install history and market data.

Let’s see some Localization Help questions:

Before you translate — Translation is one of the final steps in localization. For more detailed information about the whole process, see:

There are three ways to translate the strings

  1. Google Play App Translation Service
  2. DIY
  3. Third Party tools

Gengo: translation platform using professional translators

Transifex: crowdsourcing platform, to allow your app’s users to contribute translations

Smartling: educational resources and integrated translation service with professional translators

Google Play App Translation Service helps you to translate user interface string, store listing, in-app product names, and universal apps campaign ads. Some of the applications you need to decode Audio, Video, Images and server-based content.

Localize your resources —

Things to consider

  • Country relevancy: if you’re working on a food delivery app which covers cities in one country only, it makes sense to focus on that particular country and language. However, if your app isn’t tied to any specific state or market, it may make sense to launch in as many words as your budget allows.
  • The popularity of the app category: various apps could be more popular in one country and less so in the other. With this interactive research tool, you can dive into the activities of smartphone/tablet users by state.
  • Competition: similar to the popularity, the game can also vary by country. Research the app stores to get some idea.
  • Your budget: using the App Translation Service, translating a typical app and store description into one language may cost around USD50. Note that the translation price calculated on a per-word basis, so your actual cost depends on the amount of text in your app and store description.

You can also translate strings inside your Android Studio and select which text to bring in which language.

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