Kotlin Conference 2018

Akshay Nandwana
Oct 6, 2018 · 2 min read

An official event by JetBrains, produced by Trifork

KotlinConf is a conference all about our new favorite language, Kotlin. This is the second season of this conference held at Amsterdam, 3–5 October 2018. Throughout this article, you can find Big Announcements, Conference Playlist, Mobile App for this conference by JetBrains, Speakers Deck and fun moments from the conference.

Big Announcements

  1. Kotlin 1.3 hits RC : WhatsNew
  2. Stable Coroutines : Overview
  3. Multiplatform Projects : Code Sharing Abilities
  4. Kotlin/Native : Beta
  5. Online Environment : Playground
  6. Kotlin for Java Developers : Coursera
  7. Atomic Kotlin : Book
  8. EduTool : Plugin

Before this conference JetBrains also announced Professional Developer Tools for students with GitHub. Checkout here

Conference Playlist

As of now on YouTube, the playlist consists of Day 1 talks.

Welcome Music
Keynote by Andrey Breslav
A Multiplatform Delight by Jake Wharton and Alec Strong
Dissecting the stdlib by Huyen Tue Dao
Building Data Science Workflows with Kotlin by Holger Brandl
Shaping Your App’s Architecture with Kotlin and Architecture Components by Florina
Representing State: the Kotlin Edition by Christina Lee
Exploring Coroutines in Kotlin by Venkat Subramariam
Kotlin Puzzlers, vol 2 by Anton Keks

Conference App by JetBrains

KotlinConf Schedule Application

  1. You can check out this App on play store.
  2. This is an Open Source project, you can also check out the repository at GitHub.

Moments from Conference

Made a slideshow of the moments from conference

KotlinConf18 Moments Slideshow

See you next year

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