Kotlin Weekly Update —5

Weekly update on Kotlin resources.

1. We’re all Kotlin

Kotlin Community overview

2. Kotlin vs. Swift:

Are Android and iOS moving towards creating a universal language?

3. Examining Kotlin: also, apply, let, run, and with :

4. How to Add a Fragment the Kotlin way by Bob

5. Exploring Kotlin’s hidden costs — Part 3 by Christophe Beyls

Delegated properties and ranges

6. Kotlin on exercism:

7. Java 8 Stream API Analogies in Kotlin

8. Why Kotlin Is the Hero Android Needs

9. Swift is like Kotlin

10. Implementing an auto scrolling circular RecyclerView with Kotlin and RxJava: by Tomoaki Imai


1. Pragmatic Kotlin on Android :

2. Droid Talks, Android Meetup Belo Horizonte:

3. Functional Programming in Kotlin


1. Experts on Air: Building Android apps with Kotlin

GitHub Repositories:

1. Kotlin Webview :

Web browser application using the Kotlin programming language.

2. LiteUtilities:

Utility classes to develop android app using Kotlin.

3. android-gif-example

Gif RecyclerView Example in MVP using Dagger 2 + Retrofit 2 + Moshi + RxJava 2 + Glide 4 with JUnit and Espresso tests written in Kotlin + Kotlin DSL!

4. kategory

Functional Data Types & Abstractions for Kotlin

Developer inspiration :

1. Becoming a future proof developer

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