Kotlin Weekly Update — 6

Weekly update on Kotlin resources.

1. Learn Advance Kotlin

2. Exploring Test-Driven-Development with Android UI Tests

3. Approaching Kotlin Coroutines — An Extensive Feature by Simon Wirtz

4. kotlinextensions.com by Ravindra Kumar

Curated list of Most commonly used Kotlin Extensions.

5. Coding Conventions

6. The drawbacks of migrating to Kotlin

7. Kotlin From Scratch: Packages and Basic Functions

8. Kotlin for Android development

9. Best Kotlin books, courses, videos & tutorials 2017 (updated)

10. Kotlin Logging Without the Fuss


1. Develop your next app with kotlin @ AndroidMakersFr 2017

2. Future of Kotlin — How agile can language development be?


1. The Total Kotlin Course : Learn Kotlin Today (free)

2. Mobile Application Development ( Kotlin Lecture videos from CS 4530)

3. Let’s Create App Using Kotlin : Video series for Kotlin

GitHub Repositories:

1. Kotlin-android-starter :

Kotlin Android starter based MVP/Dagger2/RxJava2/Robolectric/ Espresso/Mockito. It provides a generator to fast create a Kotlin Android project.

2. AppWatcher

App Watcher for Android helps you to follow updates of applications in Play Store that are not installed currently on your device.

3. android-movie-mvp :

4. ShoppingApp

5. kotlin-android-empty

Template of an empty Android project built with Kotlin and some useful libraries.

6. ARCore Kotlin Sample

Stay updated, Check Kotlin revision history: https://github.com/JetBrains/kotlin/releases

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