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Latest video tutorials on Android development by MindOrks


1. Android Memory Leak and Garbage Collection — Java Memory Management

Java stores the object in heap storage and is cleared by the garbage collection. Memory leak take place when object remain in memory even when it is not required and can not be garbage collected.

2. Android MultiThreading — Monitor and Synchronization

Java provides synchronized keyword to be used on methods and blocks. It works with the concept of monitor. Synchronization on object instance and class instance is very important to understand.

3. Kotlin Lambda, Higher Order Function, Extension Function

In this video Kotlin Lambda, High Order Functions, and Extension Function is discussed. The real development example is used to describe the various syntax and their usage.

4. Android Room, SQLite, database design

In this video database principles for SQLite and Room database is covered. Database design is a very important skill to acquire for an Android developer. Normalization is an important concept to understand as described in this video.

5. RxJava Operator — Map Vs FlatMap

In this video RxJava operator map and flatMap is explained. The usage of each is described through example and also the difference between them is also discussed.

6. Android MVVM with Architectural Components

In this video the MVVM architectural component is discussed. The various components that constitute the Model, View, and ViewModel is defined for an Android application.

7. Implement Search Using RxJava Operators

In this video a practical example of implementing search in Android is explained using RxJava. The RxJava operator like debounce and switchMap is used to solve the problem.

8. Learn how to use Android LiveData and ViewModel

In this video the usage of LiveData and ViewModel is explained through the code example. This is the solution to the assignment given to the students for creating a Login Screen using LiveData and ViewModel.

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