Learn(Actually) RxJava(RxJava2, RxJava3) Operators By Examples

Amit Shekhar
Mar 22, 2019 · 4 min read

In this blog, we are going to learn RxJava(RxJava2) operators by examples.

I personally believe that we can solve any complex problem very easily with RxJava Operators which can be very difficult without RxJava. RxJava is just awesome.

Don’t forget: There is an operator for everything in RxJava.

The best way to learn RxJava(RxJava) operators is to learn them by examples. In this blog, I have composed a few great problems with solutions using the RxJava operators. Let’s learn by one by one.

I recommend learning one example a day. So don’t forget to bookmark this blog post to refer on the next day.

Implement Search Using RxJava Operators

The solution uses the following operators:

  • Filter Operator
  • Debounce Operator
  • DistinctUntilChanged Operator
  • SwitchMap Operator

We will learn all the above four RxJava Operators.

Learn from here.

Understanding RxJava Zip Operator With Example

This operator helps you to run all the tasks in parallel and returns the results of all the tasks in a single callback when all the tasks are completed.

Learn from here.

Implement Caching In Android Using RxJava Operators

  • Reduce network calls: We can reduce the network calls by caching the network response.
  • Fetch the data very fast: We can fetch the data very fast if it is cached.

Let’s learn how to implement caching in Android using the following RxJava Operators:

  • Concat Operator
  • FirstElement Operator

Learn from here.

FlatMap Vs Map Operator

Learn from here.

Concat Vs Merge Operator

Learn from here.

Understanding RxJava Timer, Delay, and Interval Operators

Learn from here.

Understanding RxJava Defer Operator

Learn from here.

Understanding RxJava Create and fromCallable Operator

Learn from here.

Bonus after learning the above RxJava Operators

Check RxJava3 Android Examples.

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Happy Learning RxJava Operators :)

Team MindOrks

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