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Material Showcase for iOS

An elegant and beautiful tap showcase view library for iOS apps based on Material Design Guidelines.

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When developing cross-platform apps, unified UI/UX should be put on a high priority.

When we implemented “Feature Discovery” which guide users to explore our app for first time, our designer decided to follow Material Design guidelines. Android team felt comfortable because there are several popular libraries out there to start with such as TapTargetView or MaterialTapTargetPrompt.

By contrast, for iOS version, it needs our work to implement it from the scratch because there was no existing library serving our need. We, therefore, planed to build it as an open-source library which can be used by other developers too.


By carefully following detailed guidelines from Google Material page about UI merits and animations, we got the result as following.

You can easily add it into your iOS apps by using CocoaPods.

Or you can wrap its source code from Github Repository and put it in your project.


  • Support any UIView
  • Provide convenient ways to quickly interact with special UI components (UIBarButtonItem, UITabBarItem, UITableViewCell).
  • Customize theme and animations easily.

More information, please check it on Github repository.


I hope that not only is it the first “Material Feature Discovery” iOS library but also it serves as a simple, elegant and reliable component to reduce iOS developer works.

If you find it useful and want to make contribution, please check it out on Github and all pull requests are really appreciated.

Please get in touch with me via Github, Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. Happy coding and have a good time!



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