MindOrks Android Development Online BootCamp

MindOrks Android Developer Online BootCamp

Android App Development Online BootCamp Introduction

What is Android Coding Bootcamp?

It is an intensive technical training program for 2 months which teaches the industry standard Android development skills by the top professionals.

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Android Developer is one of the top-3 most in-demand developer positions which requires excellently trained developers.

  • Learn to build Android apps from scratch.
  • Flexible to fit your busy life through recorded lecture sessions.
  • Personalized learning paths.
  • 24 X 7 mentorship support.
  • Learn Android development from basic to advance by building complete Android app.
  • Learn to build professional Android Apps using MVP, MVVM and Architecture Components.
  • Understand the minute details of software development. Get recorded online sessions.

Benefits of the Android Development Online BootCamp

  • Job Focused Software Development Training: We are solving the biggest problem of the software jobs where only 5% of Indian developers are considered fit for software development by training them through real-world software development projects.
  • Flexible and Guided Online Learning Program: This is the first online coding BootCamp model where we learn by building application under the guidance of best in the field professional developers.
  • Become Eligible For Top Paying Android jobs: You learn to visualize the solution by breaking the projects into components and then build those components in collaboration with other learners. We also provide interview focused sessions.

Road Map: The learning path of the training process

  • Project Structure: IDE, Components
  • Product Development & Design Thinking
  • git: Version Control
  • Kotlin
  • Activity & Fragment, Lifecycle, and Usage
  • Android UI: Widget
  • File System: Read & Write
  • Database: Data Persistence, ORM
  • Multithreading: Background Tasks
  • Networking: HTTPS, Rest APIs
  • Libraries: Use 3rd Party Libraries
  • Debugging Skill: Read Stacktrace
  • Problem Solving Skill: Analyse and Implement
  • Project Management & Task Tracking
  • Publishing APK On the play store
  • Team Collaboration
  • Architecture: MVP & MVVM
  • Unit Test
  • Contribute to the open-source project
  • Interview Preparation

Then finally, we also help you in getting a better Job through our connection in many companies.

Android Online BootCamp Process

  • Learn by building the app like Instagram
  • 2 months online bootcamp
  • 1-hour online session on Saturday and Sunday both
  • Access to the online session in the recorded form also
  • 2–3 hours work on the real project with the real problem from Tuesday to Friday
  • Optional online 1-hour session on knowledge sharing on Monday
  • Learn Kotlin, Architecture, MVVM, RxJava, Dagger, Unit-Test
  • Daily doubt session window
  • Code review on a daily basis
  • Essential DS & Algo for Android Developer
  • Interview and career tips
  • Contribute to open-source
  • Get industry-recognized certification
  • Direct interview with the top companies based on the performance

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