Should I learn Kotlin or stick to Java?

In GoogleIO 2017 Google announced Kotlin as an official language for Android development. Some famous developer companies, like square, started using kotlin as their production language long before the official announcement was made.

Now one of the most trending questions juggling around the minds of many experts and most beginners is should I learn kotlin or stick to java? Here’s some point should be made based on three stages of a developers like really really beginner, ninja apprentice, totally ninja.

Really really beginners

If you are a “really really beginner” who just finished learning or still learning java then It’ll be better if you stick to Java at least for now because

  1. There is not enough learning resources for kotlin yet . let’s say for example, if you want to learn how Google map API works then you will find only a handful of tutorials in kotlin , whereas there are plenty of resourceful examples and even documentation on the same topic in Java
  2. “We face problem we go to Stackoverflow”, but sadly, there has not yet been many questions asked and answers found regarding kotlin.

As you are still new to development it will be a little bit hard to figure out from java code/example and then convert it to kotlin. So you may stick to Java for now. as you practice more and more you will be more confident in android development, it is safe to start writing with Kotlin then. Don’t panic about java, Java isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Ninja apprentice

You are a confident learner who just finished learning Java and knows android development or you are already a confident developer, who already became a little bit expert in android development and love to take challenges then you may start learning kotlin. why? One reason because Kotlin is awesome! and secondly, as you like to take challenges then why not take this challenge too? and taking challenges is the pathway for becoming a total ninja.

You may not want to use it in your current production, but you definitely should give it a try in your next tryout project. May be write a few activity in kotlin, try out a bit to test your limits. once you start doing this you will eventually find kotlin super easy and cool! why?? because you have to write a lot less code compared to java! You end up writing less code, but your code is more elegant and precise.

Totally Ninja

Dude, you are The Ninja! why would you even ask “should I or shouldn’t I” go for it ! protect your app from nullpointerexception, give your function some purity, write some higher order function stuff or some functional programming stuff without Retrolamda.

you may not use kotlin in your production just yet because you have to consider factors like team members, project managers decision etc etc or may be you are a daring high ranked ninja so actually you will use but no matter what the fact is, you should start learning this modern piece of beauty cause for you, java is too old school!

For many of us kotlin is new but this language is been here for a while but when google announced it as official language for Android many people loved it for the greater good and many people hated it, but fact is same things happened when swift was released back in 2014, now we can see swift’s success, I believe the same story goes for kotlin too. Kotlin eventually will evolve, it may take some time but it will, many developers will start using kotlin soon, there will be lots of resources regarding kotlin in blogs, stackoverflow or documentation, there’s no doubt.

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