Top Social Media Used by Developers

Stack Overflow does an annual developer survey which is the largest and most comprehensive survey of people who code around the world. Each year, they field a survey covering everything from developers’ favorite technologies to their job preferences and nearly 90,000 developers took the 20-minute survey earlier this year.

In their survey, they had included the Social Media used by the developers. Few interesting things came out of that.

They asked the developers what social media site they use the most this year.

It’s not Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Interestingly, Reddit and YouTube were the most used social media as per the survey.

Although Facebook has 2.32 billion monthly users and Reddit has about 330 million active users, Reddit is the most preferred among the developers as social media. It means that the developers’ preferences aren’t reflective of the most popular social media platforms in the world.

The following data has come from the survey by Stack Overflow based on all the developers.

  • Reddit: 17.0%
  • YouTube: 16.4%
  • WhatsApp: 15.8%
  • Facebook: 15.6%
  • Twitter: 13.5%
  • Instagram: 7.4%
  • I don’t use social media: 6.6%
  • LinkedIn: 5.3%
  • WeChat 微信: 0.8%
  • Snapchat: 0.7%
  • VK ВКонта́кте: 0.7%
  • Weibo 新浪微博: 0.1%
  • Youku Tudou 优酷: 0.0%
  • Hello: 0.0%
Stack Overflow

Another thing to notice is that LinkedIn is only 5.3%.

Let’s see the same data based on the United States

  • Reddit: 28.4%
  • Twitter: 17.3%
  • Facebook: 14.2%
  • YouTube: 12.3%
  • I don’t use social media: 9.2%
  • Instagram: 8.2%
  • LinkedIn: 5.1%
  • WhatsApp: 3.0%
  • Snapchat: 1.6%
  • WeChat 微信: 0.5%
  • VK ВКонта́кте: 0.0%
  • Weibo 新浪微博: 0.0%
  • Hello: 0.0%
  • Youku Tudou 优酷: 0.0%
Stack Overflow

As we can notice that when it comes to the United States, the situation is a little different. Twitter and Facebook are ranked higher.

This was a very interesting survey by Stack Overflow. You can read about the complete survey here.

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