What’s new in Google I/O 17 Keynote?

As we all are super excited to know what are new things that came up in Google’s annual I/O developer conference.

At Google’s 2017 I/O keynote, CEO Sundar Pichai introduced new products and shared more interesting things about Google Assistant, Android, Google Home, virtual reality, and much more.

Now Google vision is “Mobile first to AI first”.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the main theme of Google #IO17. Google preparing it’s most products by adding AI in it.

It’s fortunate to get all idea about what’s new in Android, Google Products and platforms. If you missed I/O 17 keynote, no worry. We have covered all the announcement here of Google IO keynote for you.

Let’s start!

User’s Numbers:

  • At early start of I/O keynote, CEO Sunder Pichai shared some interesting 
    numbers like Google drive have 800 million of active users, Every day around 500 million Google photos user uploading around 1 billion photos per day.
    # There are now more than 2 billion monthly active Android devices.

Google Lens:

Google Lens

Google’s computer vision and AI technology make your phone camera more smarter. Point your camera at something and the lens tells you what it is!


As Google said about Google.ai : “ Our mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful, and AI is enabling us to do that in incredible new ways — solving problems for our users, our customers, and the world.”


Cloud TPUs:

Google’s second-generation Tensor Processing Unit(TPU) is coming to Cloud.
TPUs deliver up to 180 teraflops of machine learning acceleration.

Cloud TPUs

Google Home with proactive assistance:

Google just announced Proactive assistance, hands-free calling, free Spotify access, and visual responses along with a few other features coming to Google Home.

Google Assistant:

Google Assistance

Google’s virtual personal assistant that’s available on devices like the Google Home and Pixel phone, will soon get more conversational. Google expanded Google Assistance on most android devices.

Google Assistance now available on iPhone.

Google Actions:

Google Actions expand to Android and iPhone. Now the developer can embed the Google Assistant in any device. Actions will support transactions also.

Google Assistant SDK : https://developers.google.com/assistant/sdk/

Google Photos:

There are two new features in Google Photos:
1. “ Shared libraries”
2. “ Suggested sharing”

  • With Google Photos Assistance, It will automatically identifies the best photos and shows the sharing suggestions.
  • Google Photos will soon allow removing the obstruction on your photos.

Photo Books:

Google is launching Photo Books to make it super easy to create albums.


Last year, YouTube Passed 1billion Hours a day video views.

YouTube 360 video:

Now watch and control YouTube 360 videos on the big screen with AndroidTV app. (Right in your living room, on the big screen!)

YouTube 360 videos

Youtube SuperChat:

YouTube opens up SuperChat to pay for doing stuff on live streams.


Youtube Go:

YouTube Go to enjoy the video and share them. It is designed for new generation people so that they can enjoy YouTube full.

Android O:

Yet to be decided Android O name!

Android O beta is available: android.com/beta.

  • As seen in the keynote, Android O have app icon notification called “ Notification Dots”.
  • Long press on the app icon will pop up a preview window.

First look at a few new features coming later this year:

Kotlin Official Support:

Google announced The Kotlin officially supported language for Android.

No worry about Java. “ this is only an additional language, not a replacement for its existing Java and C++ support.”

So no more excuses to adopt kotlin on android!

Android GO:

Lightweight version of the upcoming version of Android (Android O) with optimized apps and Play Store.


Tango-enabled Visual Positioning Service(VPS) helps mobile devices quickly and accurately understand their location indoors.

Google For Jobs:

Google that will give you searches for jobs in your area, with listings pulled from sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and CareerBuilder.

“I’m personally enthusiastic about this initiative because it addresses an important need, and perhaps our core competencies as a company,” Pichai said on stage at the Google I/O conference in Silicon Valley.


Open-source software library for Machine Intelligence. Tensorflow 1.2 now available.

TensorFlow Lite:

TensorFlow optimized version for mobile called TensorFlow lite.

Google Play Protect:

Google Play Protect helps protect Android phones from harmful apps. keeping you safe.


1. Google I/O Key Note

2. Developer Keynote (Google I/O ‘17)

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