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Descent into madness

Photo by Matthieu Joannon on Unsplash

The world of rhyme makes no sense.
Time has itself stopped running.
It’s trotting up the hill. Slow. Calm.
Relaxed. Its gait upright charming.
It is time, for a slow descent into madness.
The world I have, it makes no sense.
Watch. Clap. Move on. Forget.
The Show is over. No Replays.
There were no rehearsals either.
Everyone an improvising actor on this stage,
Imposed to punch their next line,
Kick the dust off the red velvet of Life.

Of Earth. Rain. That smell. Of wet grass.
Of Earthen pots. The natural perfume.

Juice the Apple. Stop the shriek!
Hither us no money keep!
Shine the boot! Tie the tie!
Need be perfect for bigsee da-’i!
Ice frolics in rolling cream

And melts like a shallow team.

This cut? Is shallow. This pain? Is deep.
The pain is not for you to keep.
The depth? A puddle. The fall?
Oh, the fall is steep! You did not see the
Crazy weep. Crazy quip. Crazy sweep.
Crazy torn. Crazy lorn. Crazy is slowly unborn.

The mother goose, the pickled moose,
Crazy tickles your funny noose.

Look in your brain. You still read as
Though I am a frame. Sitting on the tiny
Shelf. To hell with rhyme! It can have my
Cake! I’ll bake till I make a steak! I’ll stake
Till I make a break. Till I have a break.

Till Time knocks upon the door.
Answers me with a sweet smile.
It has come up the hill. Oh, so tall the gait!
Wish I had a more inch of et!
We sit for tea. Sing Do Re Mi.
The door ajar. Get a jar
Of the cake. I bake
Every week.

’Tis evening. The light fades. Time
Sits upon the plate. Hungry sore.
I have no more! Cakes are gone.
They were the weakest song!
So? What? You can eat my head!
You hungry rhyme! You pastel world!
You have been so mean to me!
You have refused my cakes!
Rhymes slowly I shall take. They my revenge.
Grammar I throw out window.
Grab hold of Time.

Time to go down flighting stairs
Alight upon craziness.
Goodbye cakeless, rhymeless world!
This be my sweet revenge!
I get to see and you to don’t!
This descent into maddyness!



A semi-fictional exploratory journey into the psyche.

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