Doom Won’t Save The World But I Know One Thing That Might

When push comes to shove it won’t be doomers who solve the climate crisis; it will be a bunch of nobodies like you and me

Linda Caroll
Minds Without Borders
8 min readJun 15, 2024


Little girl in pink tutu
Little girl in tutu, licensed from Deposit Photos

I sent my little niece a tutu. Layers of frothy tulle. Pink cotton candy princess skirt. A few days later, my sister sent a video. I can’t stop watching, hit replay. Too young to be graceful, she twirls, trips on her own feet. Flash of ruffly underpants and her giggles. Thank you Auntie Linda, she trills.

Handed my little sis a photo once. She stared at it, brow furrowed trying to figure out what she’s looking at, where it was taken, until I interrupt. Sis? I say. It’s not her. It’s me. Her eyes go saucers. Oh my God, she says. Gaping fish mouth. Yeah, I said. I know. Spitting image. Of me.

Watching her? Is like yesterday and today got all muddled. Look at her, see all my yesterdays. Don’t know what my poor heart is supposed to do with that. Know what I want for her? The world and everything in it. For all her dreams to come true. Or at least some good measure of them.

When I turned 50, my brother hugged me so hard, lifted me clear off the ground. Twirled me around and around saying little Linda is 50, made me laugh out…