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F*ck you, mindset!

Are we curious? Or curious are we?

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  • Are we curious about our limits and how to stretch them?
  • Are we curious how our psychology and physiology work together to form our belief system and values and this way affects our decisions?
  • Are we curious how to rewire our brain to think differently so that we can approach familiar problems in a new way?

If we are curious, we’ll figure it out.

Our mindset.

  1. What do I pretend to not knowing about myself?
  2. What’s the higher perspective of my worst/best life situation?
  3. What do I spend a silly amount of time thinking on? Why?
  4. What is the advice I give most often to others, but I do not follow it myself?
  5. How did I form my guiding life principles? How can I innovate that process?
  6. Who am I when I sit alone in a room and do nothing? / What do I hear in the silence?
  7. What are my beliefs behind my most courageous/fearful actions?
  • Your individual Mindset Design
  • Neuro-agility assessment (Brain Design)
  • Mindset transformation for leaders

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