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Easy vs. Ease

I write a lot about creating more ease in your life and business, but I need to clarify the meaning of that and make a distinction between ‘ easy ‘ and ‘ease’.

When I set out to create more “ease” in my business and life, what I meant to create with that was less struggle, less hustle, less doing, and more BEING. Less forcing, and more flowing. Less compromising, and more creating. Less fight, and more freedom.




Hi, my name is Sunni Chapman and I am a writer, creator, poet, mystic & mentor. I help people follow their hearts and their dreams and find more freedom, abundance, joy & ease from the inside-out. Everything I write here is in service of that mission.

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Sunni Chapman

Sunni Chapman

Writer, creator & mentor. I help people make more money doing more of what they truly love.

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