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“Too Easy”

​I have short and sweet example of the power of our beliefs to share today:​

I am sure you have probably heard of, and been reminded of, the power of simply taking one deep slow conscious breath when you are feeling stressed, worried or wound-up, right? ​

I am also sure that you have experienced the actual POWER of that for yourself a few times in your life, just stopping and taking a few deep breaths, that takes nothing more than literally a minute. ​





Hi, my name is Sunni Chapman and I am a writer, creator, poet, mystic & mentor. I help people follow their hearts and their dreams and find more freedom, abundance, joy & ease from the inside-out. Everything I write here is in service of that mission.

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Sunni Chapman

Sunni Chapman

Writer, creator & mentor. I help people make more money doing more of what they truly love.

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