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What To Do When You Lose A Job, Client or Money

We have all lost jobs, lost clients, and lost money in our lives, whether we are in business for ourselves yet or not, and it can be super painful and scary when that happens, not just for the obvious reasons, but because when “endings” happen in our lives, in any way, shape or form, it brings up ALL THE OTHER ENDINGS in our lives and our past wounding around those endings, if it hasn’t been fully resolved.




Hi, my name is Sunni Chapman and I am a writer, creator, poet, mystic & mentor. I help people follow their hearts and their dreams and find more freedom, abundance, joy & ease from the inside-out. Everything I write here is in service of that mission.

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Sunni Chapman

Sunni Chapman

Writer, creator & mentor. I help people make more money doing more of what they truly love.

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