Back To basics

Ever been caught in one of those moments where no matter what you think, say, or do it makes no difference to your situation?

For the record when it comes to such moments, I win all of them. I am a serial offender. I repeatedly repeat the same thing over and over again, repeatedly, confusing the hell out of myself as I do. You see I like to solve problems, and if a problem becomes complicated, I have a habit of overthinking them. This can lead me to follow a longer path, chasing ‘what if’ scenario’s that aren’t worth considering, and generally adding to the mess. But I’ve also acquired a talent for controlling that behaviour. I possess a powerful ability to get myself back on the correct path quickly.

So uh…Sharky? What’s your point? Well it’s this. Whenever I find myself wandering off or waffling away about sweet bugger all, I stop. Immediately! Call in the KISS theory (Keep It Super Simple, because I’m NOT stupid) and start over. It’s time to come back to basics.

By applying KISS theory to what I’m lost and confused about, I create time to breathe and think. Next I break everything down. No grandiose scenarios. No extrapolated thinking. No interplanetary contemplation. Then I stop using big words to describe things. Everything is taken back to basics.

Important point of note, back to basics for me is a starting point, not a stopping point. I did not fail, I did not quit. I did not miss out, I did not fall short. I stopped doing something that wasn’t working, and started to think more about what will.

Life is hard, with hard stuff in it. I am removing all the small stuff that’s bugging me and focussing on the stuff that matters. This is how I unleash the power of KISS theory.

Simple words.

I stop describing my state of confusion using infinitely useless psychobabble. I swap out words and phrases such as “inability to arrest subconscious chatter and function with stronger conscious intent” for something far more honest and simple like “get out of your head, stopping thinking dumb shit, and start being fair dinkum with yourself.” The results are friggin’ amazeballs!

Simple thoughts.

Twisty turny tangled plots and sub plots are what writers of soap operas do best. My brain is not a soap opera writers’ brain. I must cut the crap and change the conversation in my head. My name is Simon, Sharky to my friends, and I help people. A lot. And I love doing it. I am not the imaginary exaggerated thoughts my brain is having right now. If I asked someone close to me, they’d prove I wasn’t. I understand that whilst trying to achieve something, I made it hard. I will now stop, breathe, think, and then start again.

Simple actions.

The work I am trying to do has become confusing. I have too many ideas to focus on. I need clarity on these ideas. I need to sort and prioritise them. I will focus on what matters most, complete that, and move to the next. This will remind me that I CAN achieve. This will help me become un-stuck. This will motivate me and get me back on the right path.

If you’re wondering if this will work for you, maybe ease up on analysing and judging what I’ve written? Perhaps focus more on putting it to good use? I’ve deliberately written this blog in a short, simplified manner. And couldn’t everyone benefit from some simple ideas? After all, going back to basics isn’t the end of the world. It’s the start of it.

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